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Drunken Sailor:
Pre 1839 . Stamp and go, at the halyards a walk  away or runaway shanty  and also a hand over hand  work song. It is sung quickly, the origins are in a traditional  Irish dance  tune.
Cape Cod Girls:
Thought to be written by a Yankee sailor on a trip to  Australia.
The Crew Of The Essex :
written by Roger Chartier in 2000 inspired  by  several books on the  subject 
Blow The Man Down:
Halyard shanty. Origins  are many. There are  many  versions.  Some of the lyrics are  from  "Ratcliffe Highway". The shanty is related to "Knock the  Man Down" an  earlier song  sung by African slaves in  America.
Blow Ye Winds:
Often called the New Bedford Whaling Song. It has been called a capstan shanty.  Sources  differ.
Fisherman's hornpipe:
It's a dance tune of Irish origin.
Hieland Laddie:
It is of Scottish origin from a  march and /or dance. It was sung by cotton  loaders in the port of  Mobile in the early 1830’s and 40’s then by sailors aboard ship as a work shanty.  The reference to screwing cotton meant that they used a screw press to pack  into the hold. 
Maggie May:
Capstan song and also a forebitter. It is of Liverpool origin. Sung today still as a  skiffle  song.  The Beatles did a very short version of it. "The  Home" is a sailors home in Canning Place, Liverpool
The Ebenezer:
It's of Irish origin original melody from an old Irish tune.  
It was sung at the pumps by Irish packet seamen.  One version is a forecastle song from ships in the West Indies trade.
All For Me Grog:
Probably a foc’sle song. Could have been used for work. and a favorite pirate song.
A Rovin':
Originally for the pumps and windlass. It was used on pump brakes or windlass levers where 3 or 4 men worked a brake or lever up and down with great physical labor.

It was employed on the downtown pumps which were a flywheel pump manned by men using a long rope (a bell rope) with an  eyelet on the end that was put over the end of each pump wheel handle they would pull as their respective handle would descend making the job much easier.
Based on episodes in Napoleon Bonaparte's life written at that time.  'Twas used as a halyard, short hawl or fore-sheet shanty.
The Water Is Wide:
Traditional British  originally named "Waly Waly" with some small changes it became the Water Is Wide in the 1800’s.
Leaving Of Liverpool: Old Trad. British
Spanish Ladies:a shanty of sorts sung at the capstan, for the homeward trip.


Pay Me The Money Down:
'Twas said to be used at the pumps others say a halyard shanty.  It originated as a west Indian shore work song. First published in 1888.
The Holy Ground:
An Irish version of "Old Swansea Town Once  More" used at the capstan and also by dock hands. It is about an area known as the Holy Ground a fisherman’s part of town in the poor section of Queenstown (Cobh) Co. Cork.
Green Grow The Rushes O:
From the 1500’s in England.
Hawl Away Joe:
A Tack and sheet shanty sometimes used as a halyard song or haul away shanty

On "Sailor Songs"  Roger Chartier plays all of the instruments:  
6 & 12 string steel string acoustic guitar, 6 string classical guitar, violin, mandolin, 5 string banjo, flute, harmonica, drum, and electric bass

Going To The Island:
Multiple nylon string guitar tracks - percussion – bass - Roger Chartier

Three Sheets To The Wind:
2:21     Roger Chartier vocals – harmonica – guitar – congas – keyboard

Andrea Gail:
3:05     Roger vocals – 12 string guitar – fretless bass – violin
Sloop John B:
3:52     Roger vocals – Hawaiian guitar – flute – bass    Leo Dumas – vocal harmony – bongos – fish
Message In A Bottle:
2:25  Roger vocals - guitar – keyboard (steel drums sound) – guitar - bass –congas – egg shakers - guiro
2:53     Roger multiple guitars – bass – egg shaker – violin - electonic drum
In The Summertime:
2:10     Roger – vocals – guitar – bass – harmonica – drums
2:49    Roger vocals – piano – guitar – harmonica – synth
Barnacle Bill The Sailor:
2:08    vocals Kate Sullivan and Roger Chartier   Roger ukelele – bass - drums – keyboard
Houseboat Katie:
1:08     Roger vocals – guitar – slide guitar - bass – harmonica – drums
The Old Man Of The Sea:
2:04      Roger vocals and guitar
Suntan Shoulders And Sand In Your Toes:
Roger vocals – guitar – bass – flute – Hawaiian guitar - egg shakers – high hat - congas
Bar Sailing:
2:52    Roger vocals keyboard (steel drum sound) – guitar – bass – bell - glasses  Leo Dumas background vocals       bongos – wind chimes - Paulette Ponte – background vocals
2:43 (by Leo Dumas) Leo Dumas vocals and drums - handclaps.Roger Charter vocals - guitar – bass –  Hawaiian guitar - handclaps
It's A Sunny Day:
2:34  Vocals Roger and Grace Morrison Roger ukelele - bass – congas – harmonica
Bip Bop:
2:04 Roger vocals – guitar- harmonicas - bass - congas
All Those Fishermen:
2:42 Roger vocals – guitar – mandolin – accordion
Day Cruise:
2:00  Roger vocals – guitar – bell –bass – congas
Sailing Away:
2:29  Roger vocal parts – guitar – violin – doumbek – slim jimbe
Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum: *
3:37  Roger vocal parts - 12 string guitar – fretless bass – violin
Across The Western Ocean:
2:32 vocals Kate Sullivan and Roger Chartier  Roger Guitar - Mandolin – harmonica – bass - tin  whistle

Leviathan (Song For The Whales)
2:09 balalaika – multiple fretless acoustic bass tracks – nylon string guitar - multiple violin – tracks - floor tom
copyright © roger chartier 2012